Teckzite'19 - A National Level Techno-Management Fest

SDCAC (Student Development & Campus Activity Cell) RGUKT Nuzvid, is organizing a National level Techno-Management Fest at our campus during 15-17th February, 2019. SDCAC is a student organizing body, established in RGUKT Nuzvid “to promote Technology and Scientific Thinking and Innovation”.

Teckzite'19 is known for hosting a variety of events that include Technical competitions, games, exhibitions, Guest talks by eminent personalities, workshops, and many more musical grand nights. This festival aims for providing a platform for the Indian student community to develop and showcase their technical and sports prowess. The activities culminate in a grand three day festival event in the campus of RGUKT Nuzvid which attracts people from all over the country, including students, academia, corporate and the school children.

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For registration: https://teckzite.org/