RGUKT Nuzvid hosted “Advanced Training Program in Engineering Skills” conducted by APSSDC-Vijayawada

The inaugural program of the “Advanced Training Program in Engineering Skills” conducted by APSSDC (Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation-Vijayawada) at RGUKT Nuzvid. The main aim of the program is to fulfill the market demand by imparting multi skill to its trainers with continuous up-skilling and re-skilling in the mentioned technologies along with good communication skills who in-turn train the engineering students across the state.

The program was presided by Prof.D.Surya Chandra Rao, Director, RGUKT Nuzvid. The program’s Chief Guest was Sri. JSV Prasad IAS, Special Chief Secretary Labor,Employment, Training & Factories Development and Skill Development Entrepreneurship & Innovation Department GoAP. The inaugural was also attended by K.Damayanthi, IAS,Principal Secretary,Higher Education , Dr.A.Srikanth, IRTS, Special Secretary and MD&CEO, APSSDC GoAP, T.Anil Kumar, Executive Director, APSSDC, Dr.B. Nageswara Rao, Project Director, APSSDC, Prof. V. Ramachandra Raju, Vice Chancellor, RGUKT Nuzvid, Mr.T. Sunil Bhagat, Administrative Officer(i/c), RGUKT Nuzvid.

Prof. D. Surya Chandra Rao, Director RGUKT Nuzvid during his presiding said “APSSDC has progressed uniquely from the past years. IIIT and APSSDC imports advanced skills to develop unemployed youth in the state. Under the profound leadership Dr.A.Srikanth Dassault labs and Centre for Drone Technologies have been sanctioned. We will try to make IIIT Nuzvid as a centre of excellence”.

The program director Dr. B. Nageswara Rao explained about the one month training program. “This program is an advanced and multi-skilling one. The trainers especially from engineering students should be experts in 2-4 domains;this is the major inspiration and objective behind this program. There are three levels in this one month program. Students from every stream have common training for the first one week. Then for the next 2 weeks they will be divided into batches and will be given trained to solve problems using python language. Then for the remaining days they will trained in their specific domain. Recently APSSDC started conducting courses through which students can earn a nano degree certificates.

Dr.A. Srikanth, MD&CEO, APSSDC articulated on the new methodologies adopted by APSSDC.”We are planning 3 special courses in IIIT Nuzvid and in 4 centres of excellences. In non-engineering category courses on English, Communications and Computational Methods are going to be conducted. For B.Com students courses like Economics and Digital Marketing will be conducted for a 6 month time period. These programs are designed like 50% study and 50% skill to meet the requirements. Learn, shine and impart same to the youth of A.P” he said.

K. Damayanthi, IAS, Principal Secretary, Higher Education advised the students to intern in reputed companies and strengthen the skills in PUC itself. She suggested the students of IIIT to utilize the Dassault labs and other resources provided by the university to excel in their career. She wished that Google labs would also be established in RGUKT Nuzvid.

Prof. V. Rama Chandra Raju , Vice-Chancellor , RGUKT Nuzvid talked about the placement percentage of the RGUKT Nuzvid.”This year we got 45% placement most of them are from Computers and Electronics stream. It is not possible to achieve 100% placements for all the universities and colleges all around AP, but APSSDC solved the issue. We look forward for APSSDC for live projects for the benefit of students and staff as well. All these things are maintained because of Damayanthi madam only” he added.

The chief guest of the event JSV Prasad, IAS stressed on the development of technical skills for the growth of the state. Not only technical skills but also ethics and moral values should also be developed. This would help the individual to develop as a human being. Among 230 countries in the world India has so many specialties. From ancient days we are wealthy in knowledge but due to invasions we did not get that knowledge. Now too we still live in a state where jobs are not 100%.Organizations like APSSDC are trying to fill this gap. The youth should work hard and should enrich their skills.Overall development of a person is only possible when the ethical and moral values along with technical skills are developed” he told.

Press Note (Telugu)