RTI Wing

1. First Appellant Authority (AA)

Prof. V.Venkata Dasu
Director, RGUKT Nuzvid
Ph. No: 08656 235147
Email id: director@rguktn.ac.in


2. Public Information Officer (PIO)

Dr. S S S V Gopala Raju
Administrative Officer
Ph. No: 83338981196
Email Id: pio@rguktn.ac.in


3. Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)

Mentor in Biology
Ph. No: 9948431231
Email Id: apio@rguktn.ac.in

4. Public Relation Officer (PRO)

Mr. B. Suresh Babu,
Mentor in Biology
Ph. No: 83338981197
Email id: pro.nuz@rgukt.in

Provisions of Sections 4(1) (b)
National Institute of Ranking Framework Data